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Our Friends

We are not an Island, sharing our space, our knowledge, our Technologies and our Time to benefit, and  promote our Produce.

Aquaponic Innovations,

Aquaculture Innovations is a Service Provider to the Aquaculture and Aquaponics Industry across sub-Saharan Africa.  We provide Design and Erect Infrastructure that is fit for purpose in the climate and for the species for which it is intended, and provide equipment via our Online Shop to operate these facilities efficiently.

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Aquaculture Innovations

Aquaculture Innovations Designs, Installs and Commissions Fish and Aquaponic Farms.  We also have products for your farm and present training in our state of the art Training center.   

Aquaculture Solutions

We are NOW In Collaboration with Leslie Ter Morshuizen who is synonymous with fish. As a child he raised tilapia in the dams on the farms in the neighborhood as a source of pocket money. On completing school he spent a year commercial fishing prior to spending 6 years at Rhodes University where he obtained a MSc degree in Ichthyology and Provincial Colours for spearfishing. He managed an ornamental fish farm for 2 years, was the Production Manager of a national koi farming group for a further 2 years and then served as the Aquaculture & Research Director for an international eel farming company for a further 2 years. Leslie is currently self-employed as an Aquaculture Specialist.

In his private capacity, or in collaboration with Rhodes University or JLB Smith Institute of Ichthyology, the author has written several scientific, and a great number of popular publications. He has presented papers at conferences, presented proposals to State and Federal Ministers in Namibia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mauritius & Mozambique, and has undertaken a substantial number of aquaculture and aquaponics consultancies. Since 2004 he has also been heavily involved in Aquaculture Training within the sub-region, and has erected fish farms in South Africa, Zambia and Angola.

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Centurion Hospice

Hospice is there, if you’ve been diagnosed with a serious, long-lasting disease or with a life-threatening illness.  Palliative care focuses on relieving pain and other troubling symptoms and meeting your emotional, spiritual, and practical needs. In short, this medical specialty aims to improve your quality of life while you remain in control. Thank you to this team that does such great work.

Support them when you can, we do.

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